Aula del Mar Classroom :: Escoladivertida (Fun School)

Pupils doing school activitiesAmongst the activities at Aula del mar we must highlight the so called Escoladivertida (Fun School), that takes place in the summer months and Christmas, and whose purpose is to teach and entertain the youngest amongst us, who out of term time couldn't find many options to keep themselves entertained.

Children can enjoy all types of activities at Escoladivertida (Fun School): origami, riddles, games, drawing, painting with all types of materials (wax crayons, felt tip pens, coloured pencils, hand paint, watercolours,...) There are even days when activities take part outside, for example in the port, where children get to see the fishing nets, the fish market operation, or the work in the fishing huts and traditional fishing boats. Other days the school goes out to the beach to play and learn about tides, and the importance of sand dunes, the different types of sea shells that can be found,...

Escoladivertida (Fun School) allows the youngest ones amongst us to get closer to the sea, so they can learn to love and respect it from an early age.